Banking solutions
for teachers
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Banking on Education

Teachers work towards securing the future of students and making them tomorrow’s leaders. Simplylife takes this opportunity to give back to the teaching profession by offering them a complete financial package that suits their unique needs.

It covers a range of financial products including loans with special interest rates and repayment options, credit cards and other tailor-made benefits.

Special Benefits

  • Preferential pricing and simple eligibility.
  • Get a chance to participate in a Continuous Professional Development (CPD) program.
  • Get a chance to enrol for a sponsored Master’s Program with an internationally acclaimed university.
  • Get a chance to win trips to international destinations, tickets to local attractions and staycations
  • Get a chance to win a Daily raffle draw of AED 500/- daily on the Simplylife Little Master’s Savings A/c

Documents Required

  • Application Form
  • Passport copy
  • Labour Card / Govt issued ID card copy
  • Emirates ID card copy
  • Salary Certificate
  • Salary Transfer/Assignment Letter (if applicable)
  • 3/6 months bank statement (Personal)

Fees & Charges

Interest rate   As low as 6.99% (based on reducing balance)
Fees 1.05% of the loan amount
Insurance 0.016% × loan amount × loan tenure in months

Terms and Conditions Apply

All financing and credit facilities are made available at the sole discretion of ADCB and is subject to ADCB's terms and conditions and submission of acceptable documentation.

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